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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Support from 'VMIAC' and 'Consumers in Action'

I have just received this fantastic letter of support for the Smoking Mad campaign (see below). Thank you so much to everyone at Consumers in Action!  By working together I believe we CAN get these inhumane and cruel bans on psychiatric wards lifted. Having support from non-smoking consumers is particularly gratifying!

I now also have official support for my campaign from the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC). Consumer advocates at VMIAC constantly have to witness the extreme distress and risk that these bans cause mental health patients, and they are keen to see the bans lifted.

Thank you to everyone. Please remember to complete a survey, and to tell other people about them as well. I need lots of responses from consumers who have been affected by the ban in order for the research to be considered seriously.

Hospitals may have the legal right to deprive us of liberty – but we have the right to be treated with dignity, humanity, safety and fairness!

Hi Indigo,
I have been asked to pass along personal messages of support from a Western Suburbs consumer group in Melbourne, 'Consumers in Action', who have heard of your struggle against compulsory cessation of smoking in psychiatric hospitals.
Even though half the group do not smoke, all people present felt your work concerned an important human rights issue which they would be keen to support.
And they also wanted me to thank you personally for your effort, courage and organisation. And express their personal wish to help your campaign in any way they can.
They will be circulating the survey and publicising the campaign.


  1. Keep up the good work Indigo, you have much support from the UK.

  2. Thanks BigYin! I know the campaign is strong in the UK, and it's so great to know we are supporting each other.