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How to help.

Every single day, hundreds of psychiatric patients are being forced to unnecessarily suffer under these bans - by the very establishments that are supposed to alleviate our distress.

There are lots of ways you can help to bring about change. Please support this cause in any way you can.

1. Complete a Research Survey.
I'm conducting research on the impact of smoking bans. I need as many people as possible to complete surveys to increase the relevance of my results.

There are several surveys about smoking bans on this site depending on your experience. Please take 10 - 15 minutes to share your experiences and views.

2. Sign the petition.
The Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) has created this online petition against smoking bans in psychiatric wards. Please visit the site and add your signature.

3. Join the Facebook Cause.
Join the Facebook cause about smoking bans in psychiatric wards.  This way you can get an email bulletin advising of campaign news.

4. Volunteer to help.
This campaign needs help with publicity, legal advice, campaign planning and moral support at court hearings. Later on we may need help with public actions. If you'd like to become a Smoking Mad volunteer, please contact me.

5. Donate towards legal costs.
This campaign is currently relying on free legal advice wherever I can get it - but the court action really needs some skilled advice for upcoming hearings. Unfortunately this is not cheap - typically at least $200AU per hour. If you can afford to contribute anything at all, please use the Paypal donations link below.

6. Promote the issue.
Please tell as many people as you can about Smoking Mad! Add a link to your website, send information out to your friends and contacts, and use the Facebook share button on the right-hand side of this page.

Download the Smoking Mad Public Statement ... print it out, stick it up, send it around! Smoking Mad stickers are also available for download (but they'll only be sticky if you print them on sticky paper or get a glue stick!).

7. Leave some feedback.
Your views matter. Please add your comments to this website and become part of the discussion, or send me an email with your views about the Smoking Mad campaign.


  1. If someone is in depression about his/her smoking. And really want get rid of it but unable to do so, then vaporizers are the best option.

    1. I have joined this cause and i am totally aware of the consequences of these kind of problems.