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My Research.

Information is power!
And the power of these surveys could help to overturn these bans.
These surveys have been developed to support the Smoking Mad campaign.They are voluntary and anonymous. None of the surveys should take more than about 15 minutes to complete, and some are less than 5 minutes. Please take the time to have your say.

Who can complete these surveys?
You can! There are different surveys available for different people. Please complete the survey that applies to you – just click on the appropriate link below:

For Australians
Online survey for consumer-smokers who've been affected by the bans (available now)
... or download a printable version of this survey.

Other Australian surveys available soon...
Online survey for staff working in hospitals with smoking bans
Online survey for all other consumers (non-smokers and smokers who haven't been in hospital)
Online survey for families and carers
Online survey for advocates and consumer consultants
Online survey for community mental health professionals

For people outside Australia
Online survey for international consumer-smokers who've been affected by the bans (available now)

Please share these surveys with anyone else who may be interested in completing a response. There's a Facebook Share button on the right side of the screen.

How will this information be used?
I believe that enforced smoking bans are discriminatory, damaging to mental health recovery, ineffective, and a human rights violation. You may agree or you may think differently.

The purpose of this survey is to find out all of our thoughts and experiences about the bans.

The information from these surveys will be used to better understand the impacts of enforced smoking bans in psychiatric hospitals, and to challenge those bans where appropriate.

Collated information from surveys will be shared with mental health and consumer organisations, the government, law courts and the media.

Confidentiality, privacy and access to information.
  1. These surveys are completely voluntary and anonymous.
  2. No individual will be able to be identified from the results, and all information will be stored securely on my own personal, password-protected computer or in a locked filing cabinet. No-one else has access to this information.
  3. You can get a copy of the survey results at any time – just email me at:
  4. Summary research results will be published on this website as they become available.
  5. You can withdraw from the survey at any time by contacting me and I will delete all of your responses. Because I won’t know your name, you will need to give me some information about your responses to help me identify your survey.

Standards & professionalism
I am a consumer, but I am also studying psychology and I have work experience in designing and conducting research. The design of this study has been assessed by an independent registered psychologist, and I am applying all relevant professional standards to this project.

By completing a survey, it is assumed that you give consent for your responses to be used in the manner described on this page.


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