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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Time for an update.

Well lots has been happening, not the least of which has been an extraordinary number of administrative 'errors' and let downs.

The not so good news...

My lawyer decided not to represent me any more. And then I got a letter from VCAT saying that my complaint had been struck out. I ring to enquire... 'Oh, sorry, it was an administrative error, we didn't notice your fax saying you wanted to proceed'. Oh, OK then. Odd. I am told I will get a letter with a new hearing date in the next 2- 3 weeks.

Excitedly I check my letterbox every day, only to get a letter after 3 weeks which says that I missed my hearing! What?! Well this time, I ring, I fax and I post, and am told that another hearing has been scheduled. When the letter finally comes, it says that the hearing is to discuss whether my complaint should be 'reinstated'. I never knew it was 'uninstated'!

The new directions hearing is set for 6th June, at 10am. If you can come and offer support you will be very welcome! It's at VCAT, 55 King Street, Melbourne. I'll be the one out front 15 minutes before, smoking.

On the good news side, there are some great new developments in the campaign:

1. A psychiatric nurse has come forward willing to testify for the cause! Someone with the courage to back her convictions - she's my hero!

2. The Austin psychiatric hospital in Melbourne has recently withdrawn their smoking ban, thanks to the persistance and courage of their nursing staff. Props to you all!

3. The first of my research surveys are now live on this blog (see the tab above called "Research: Have your say"). If you are a smoker who has experienced these bans, PLEASE take the time to complete a survey. Let your voice be heard!