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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Marathons and motorbikes.

Marathon runners put themselves at risk of cardiac failure. It’s a completely selfish activity that can use up precious health resources on self-inflicted injuries. And worse, they smell. Who hasn’t been forced to breathe in a whiff of ‘BO’ as a runner pounded past you? Don’t I have a right to breathe air that isn’t drenched in other people’s foul odours? I suspect these poor deluded runners are so overpowered by endorphins that their decision-making capacities have been compromised. It’s in their – and our – best interest to ban marathons.

Motorbike riders are another completely irresponsible group. Not only does their ‘hobby’ put themselves at serious risk of injury or even death, but the rest of us too! The health system is already stretched without people taking ridiculous risks. And the emissions of their bikes are terrible – noise AND air pollution.

Why don’t we BAN motorbikes and marathon running? It would be in everyone’s best interests – including these poor deluded individuals who don’t know any better.

Maybe it’s because of these concepts called freedom and self-determination.

There’s a radical idea that all humans have the right to self-determination. To make choices that others may not agree with. To make mistakes, even!

Maybe it’s also because life necessarily involves a degree of risk. Risk is not necessarily bad. Risk also brings with it a confirmation of life, the opportunity for growth, and an inherent dignity.

By the way, I don’t actually have any issue with marathon runners or bikers – go for it, my friends. Feel the thrill.

I guess I was just pondering the new Gandhi quote I’ve found, and that led me to think of metaphors for the situation of smoking psychiatric patients.

The metaphors may be flawed, but I hope the thought sparkles.

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes"
~ Gandhi


  1. The only way this post isn't idiotic is if it's meant to be ironic.

  2. Well what can i tell.. is the same doing it in group or alone.. i wonder why but seems that many people really enjoy killing the environment...

  3. Well the calculation you shared here it is really remarkable.