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Monday, 8 August 2011

Seeking feedback on research.

I'm seeking your thoughts, ideas and suggestions...

I've been reviewing my research project into the impact of psychiatric hospital smoking bans.  It is very important that we get as many responses as possible (f we really want the results taken seriously), and I am looking what else I can do to boost numbers.

Some people have suggested that the length of my surveys may be a deterrent for some.  I'm thinking of making up a shorter, open qualitative version for people who hate forms, and maybe also a really brief '1 pager' for people in a rush.  What do you think?

Please comment on the blog or email me if you have any contributions.  Thank you :)

"Not being heard is no reason for silence."
- Victor Hugo


  1. Surveys don't reflect the thoughts and actions of people. they are a marketing ploy.

  2. I am a Fieldworker in Mental Health and have always stated that to ban smoking in a Psychiatric ward is nothing short of cruel, I get sick of all the PC ROT and think it goes to far. When people get admitted to a Psych Ward, I think they are far to sick to be told they cannot smoke, it is certainly not the right time to expect people with Mental Illness to give up, it is against human rights for sure and completely stupid.

  3. I agree with markus he sounds like a super cool dude, a really fly guy.

  4. It is inherently cruel to ask those who are in a psych ward to focus not on their issues but to take on another issue simply because those in power say they must. How can they possibly focus on getting well if you take the last vestige of their freedom away while they are in a locked {usually} ward?
    It is cruel and unfair and it has nothing to do with treatment of their issues. Don't these poor souls have enough to deal with?

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